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Racing oil can be great for your engine. If you own a racing engine, that is. Street oil and racing oil are not meant to be interchanged. In this post, North American Wholesale will tell you why.

Every Engine Has It’s Specific Oil Needs

When it comes to taking care of your engine, you should always look for the best possible protection and highest-quality products, anything that can extend your vehicle’s life. Part of taking care of your car is using the right oil for the job. Oil manufacturer’s take great care in designing the perfect formula for each type of vehicle. There’s oil meant for regular street cars, and there’s oil intended for racing vehicles, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. Can’t you just use the same oil on both cars? If you care about maintaining your engine, then no, you can’t. Want to learn what makes both oils so different? Join North American Wholesale in this post about street and racing oils.

Should I Get a Synthetic Oil Change?

There is no reason why both racing and street cars can’t enjoy the benefits of synthetic oil. When it comes to choosing synthetic oil over conventional oil, synthetic wins by far.  Since synthetic oils are modified in a lab, they have a uniformly shaped molecular structure which helps reduce engine friction. Your engine works more efficiently when you use synthetic oil. Synthetics might be pricier, but they make up for the price in terms of quality and lubrication. In the long run, a synthetic oil change might help you save money. Another benefit of a synthetic oil change is that your engine will remain cleaner for a longer time. Unlike conventional oil, synthetic oil doesn’t break down and turn into sludge under heavy stress and extreme temperatures. So yes, you should definitely switch to synthetic oil, regardless of what engine you own. You can find a synthetic option for both your street and racing cars in AMSOIL’s online store.  Perhaps you prefer to get a more personalized treatment when purchasing your synthetic lubricant. If that is the case, call North American Wholesale at (866) 580-1008 to place your order.

The Difference is in the Composition

Street oil and racing oil are meant to do the same job which is to protect, lubricate, and cool the engine and all the components that make it up. However, their composition is different. Both oils share the same start, but they are later mixed with different base oils and additive packages. Additives can make all the difference when it comes to oil. Most additive packages are used to reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and decrease oil-wear. The amount of additives in each formula is entirely different. Street oil manufacturers adhere to the API’s oil guidelines and restrictions, making their formulas suitable for regular engines. The API recommends that all street oils use a minimum amount of additives to maintain consistent performance standards throughout the oil industry and reduce emissions. Modified performance engines like the ones in racing vehicles need higher protection, which is why racing oils don’t follow the API’s guidelines. Racing oils have high levels of phosphorus, zinc, and sulfur, which under extreme temperatures and pressure protect the engine against damage and wear. While these ingredients might be found in street oils the quantities are minimal since they can be harmful to catalytic converters.

So, is Synthetic Racing Oil for Me?

The short answer is: you should use synthetic racing oil only if you own a racing vehicle, if not, just stick to regular synthetic oil. Street cars need about four oil changes a year (less if you are using synthetic oil). They don’t usually undergo extreme temperatures, so the protection they require isn’t as high as the ones racing oils need. Since racing cars go at higher speeds and their engines endure more extreme conditions, the oil formula they need should be able to withstand these harsh conditions. You could use street oil in your racing engine, but you wouldn’t receive the same results or benefits of using racing oil. Racing oil extends the life of the camshaft and valve springs and reduces the operating oil temperature.

Everything You Need for an AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Change

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil has everything you need to meet your vehicle’s lubrication needs. Whether you drive a racing car and need a DOMINATOR® 5W-20 Racing Oil or just a regular street car that uses Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, you can find them both at their online store. You can also call North American Wholesale at (866) 580-1008 to place your order.

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