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Synthetic oil can do great things for your engine and your car's performance. Find out about the many reasons why switching to synthetic oil is the smartest decision you can make regarding motor oil.

Reasons to Use Synthetic Oil in Corpus Christi, TX

There are many reasons why using synthetic oil is a good idea. Most people hesitate switching to synthetic oil because they're used to using conventional motor oil and refuse to pay a higher price for lubrication. Don't be one of those people who are missing out on the perks of using synthetic oil, instead join North American Wholesale in learning about the reasons why a synthetic oil change is the smart way to go.

Why Should You Switch to Synthetic Oil?

You want better engine protection: There is a reason why professional racing cars have been using synthetic oil for years, that’s because synthetics provide constant engine protection even under harsh temperatures.  You don’t need to drive a racing car to use synthetic oil, regular engines go through a lot of stress too, especially during the hot summer months. When it comes to cold weather, synthetics excel as well, they offer better lubrication during cold starts. In the cold oil gets thicker and it takes longer for it to enter the engine. This short moment lacking lubrication can reduce your vehicle’s life span. Synthetics are usually thinner which means they enter the engine much sooner. You want longer oil change intervals: Using conventional oil, you’re probably accustomed to replacing it every 3,000 to 6,000 miles or every three months. That’s at least four oil changes a year, four time you’ll be spending money on oil. If you’re looking to reduce your oil change intervals, you should consider that synthetic oil can last up to 10,000 to 15,000 miles since it maintains its strength for a longer time.  The initial cost of synthetic oil is higher, but you won’t be having to pay for it four times in a single year. Get all your supplies for a synthetic oil change for the coming hot weather in Corpus Christi from AMSOIL Synthetic Oil.  AMSOIL's Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil can last up to 25,000 miles in normal driving conditions! If you need help in choosing an AMSOIL product better suited for your needs, call North American Wholesale at (866) 580-1008 and they will gladly help you decide what your engine needs. You want to maintain a cleaner engine: Oil is meant to carry pollutants away from the engine and into the oil filter, but as time goes by it starts to lose its properties,consistency, and its cleaning powers. As the oil breaks down it can form sludge and deposits. It’s common for conventional oil to do this because some of its ingredients facilitate deposit formation. Sludge makes your engine less efficient and it can even shorten your engine’s life. Synthetic is more resistant to break downs and it has less impurities in its formula. Meaning, your engine will be cleaner, it will perform better, and last longer. If your engine has sludge formation already, a synthetic oil change can help clean it out. You want to get more out of your fuel:  Oil can influence your fuel consumption. If your engine has the necessary lubrication it works more efficiently and burns off less fuel. Since synthetics provide superior lubrication and start acting almost as soon as the car is turned on (shorter warm-up periods), the engine performs with more efficiency. Granted, you won’t see an immediate fuel change, but you’ll surely notice it over time. Next time you’re in the market for a synthetic oil change you can ask for AMSOIL’s P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additivefor to help your car save even more fuel. You want a more eco-friendly option:  A sign that you’re getting a good product is that it doesn’t leave such a heavy mark on the environment. Fact is, whatever motor oil you use will pollute to a certain extent. Synthetic oils produce less engine emissions than conventional oils. Let’s not forget that conventional oils contain larger amounts of sulfur, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants that can’t be completely removed by the refining process. Lastly, since synthetic oil changes happen less frequently, the amount of oil waste produced smaller.

All You Need for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Corpus Christi

After you evaluated the reasons to switch to synthetic oil you need to get the best product on the market. Purchase your AMSOIL Synthetic Oil and oil filter for your synthetic oil change in Corpus Christi by calling North American Wholesale at (866) 580-1008. More of an online shopper? Check out their online shop.

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