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Seven fluids are necessary to keep your vehicle in good shape. Motor oil,  brake fluid, and transmission fluid are only some of them, learn about the rest and their importance in this post.

The Seven Most Necessary Car Fluids

There are several fluids hard at work inside your vehicle. Together...
Sometimes trusting mileage indicators isn’t enough to know if you need to get a synthetic oil change. Your car may be showing other symptoms that indicate its oil needs to be replaced. Find out if your vehicle is telling you to get new oil through this post.  There’s not much to a synthetic oil...
Switching to synthetic oil can help you save some money. Don't believe it? This post is here to make you change your mind. There are plenty of ways in which switching to AMSOIL Synthetic Oil can be beneficial for your wallet, here are some of them.

A Synthetic Oil Change to Improve Your Economy

The rising summer temperatures are a great reason to give your car proper maintenance. Checking everything is working properly can keep your car safe from overheating due to the summer heat. Check out these tips for hot weather maintenance.

Getting Your Car Ready to Face the Summer Heat

Time to...

On Sept 19th, 2014 Danell Lynn left Tucson Ariz on her Triumph Bonneville.After nearly a full year and 48,600 miles she returned home with a new Guinness World record

She’s also the first solo woman motorcyclist to hold this record.

Her journey took her through every state in the United States and...
Synthetic oil can do great things for your engine and your car's performance. Find out about the many reasons why switching to synthetic oil is the smartest decision you can make regarding motor oil.

Reasons to Use Synthetic Oil in Corpus Christi, TX

There are many reasons why using synthetic oil...

Watch Amsoil customer Clint Metting's John Deere at the Texas State tractor pulls! His souped up John Deere makes Over 2,400 horsepower and is lubricated with AMSOIL RD-50 Full synthetic racing oil!

Congratulations Clint for winning the Texas State Pro-stock tractor pull...
Motor oil is what keeps your engine running, it provides much needed lubrication.  However, that's not its only function, find out about the other jobs motor oil performs.

4 Functions of Motor Oil

Lubrication is the key to a long-lasting engine. If oil wasn’t present, the engine would easily...
Synthetic motor oil offers many advantages for the big bore Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Aside from being air-cooled, Harley big bores tend to run higher cylinder temperatures because of the long stroke and comparatively smaller bore. This increases the swept area in the cylinder and piston...
Modern engines are becoming ever harder on the motor oil that lubricates them. As engines and oil sumps have gotten smaller reducing the volume of oil the engine holds, performance enhancing additions like turbo changing have become common.   

Throw in government mandates for...

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