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Modern engines are becoming ever harder on the motor oil that lubricates them. As engines and oil sumps have gotten smaller reducing the volume of oil the engine holds, performance enhancing additions like turbo changing have become common.   

Throw in government mandates for...
Today’s new heavy duty pickup’s really having become high powered, load pulling monsters!   

With powerful turbo-diesel and V-10 engines today’s modern pickup can pull more and haul more than ever before. Since 1981 average horsepower in American made pickups has risen by 93%.  In...
Well the short answer is that grease is a lubricant added to a thickening agent to form a semi-solid lubricating product and that’s an okay answer but really…grease is sooo much more!   
Human beings have been lubricating (greasing) things for millennia. The earliest greases were simply...
Today’s consumer is faced with a bewildering number of choices when it comes to choosing motor oil for their car; a quick look down the motor oil aisle at the local auto part store reveals anywhere from a few to dozens of different brands and viscosity weights. Then there’s the choice of whether...
Your engines oil filter is critically important to the life of your engine. The oil filters job is to capture and hold contaminants and other wear causing particles suspended in the engine oil and thus prevent abrasive wear that will shorten your engines service life.

But just how well does an oil...
It is interesting to note that only two oil related problems are explained by "dirty oil" and by overfilling the crankcase. The balance of the problems are all mechanical and have nothing to do with the choice of motor oils. 

Before we review the reasons why oil consumption occurs, it should...
Today’s engines are smaller, lighter and produce more horsepower per cubic inch than ever before and yet hold less oil volume, stressing the engines oil to the maximum.    

Horsepower increasing additions such as turbo charging and super charging have become common place. Add in ever...

The car club invited us to set up our Amsoil booth at their monthly meet on the quarter mile parking lot at Bombshells restaurant in Southeast Houston TX.

Turn out was massive with more than one thousand cars attending! Everything from tuner cars to Corvette's to High end exotics like Nissan GTR's...
If your oil meets the vehicles service requirements (API, ILSAC, etc.  rating) as per your owners manual and is within the time or miles allowed for the driving conditions that the vehicle is being used for; either by the vehicles manufacturer or the maker of the motor oil (some oils are...
There are literally hundreds of types of synthetic lubricants and hundreds more variations of these! All custom tailored for specific uses from automotive to industrial to aviation

Here I will tell you about the most common synthetic lubricants used for automotive, fleet and some...

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