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When a car is left parked or in storage for a long period of time, it can suffer some level of wear and tear. To prevent this from happening it's important you take the necessary preventive measures. Learn about the topic by reading this article that North American Wholesale has for you.

Are you wondering if your car can suffer from being parked or in storage for an extended period of time? It is true that vehicles can suffer some level of wear and tear when not being used for long periods of time. However, there are things you can do to prepare your can and prevent it from suffering damages that could lead you to spend extra money on maintenance. Read this article that North American Wholesale in Corpus Christi, TX, has for you today and learn some tips on how to ensure your car is protected when being in storage.

Protect Your Car from the Elements

Begin by choosing a safe place to park or store your car. If you have the opportunity to store your vehicle indoors, make sure to take it. Doing so will ensure your vehicle is protected from the elements. If keeping your car indoors is not an option, make sure you park it somewhere safe. Also, invest in a car cover made especially for your car model as this will ensure your vehicle stays safe from the elements.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Checking your tire pressure before putting your vehicle in storage for an extended period of time is vital. When a car is not moved for a long time, its weight starts to damage the tires, leading them to develop flat spots. To prevent this from happening, the best thing to do is o ensure you inflate your tires to the correct air pressure.

Another important thing to do to ensure your car is protected is to give your engine the best products. With AMSOIL's Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil your engine will enjoy having maximum protection. Speak with an expert at North American Wholesale and learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Corpus Christi, TX. For more information call (866) 580-1008.

Don’t Cancel Your Insurance

Canceling your car insurance for the time your vehicle will be in storage can be a terrible idea. If you are considering this option in order to save money, you might want to think twice. Having gaps in your coverage can lead you to have problems with your insurance provider and probably end up spending more money down the line. You also want to ensure your car is properly insured when you come back and get back on the road.

Change Your Motor Oil

Especially if you are leaving your car in storage for a few months, giving your engine a motor oil change is essential. Over time, oil starts to form sludge as well as get contaminated, which can be detrimental for your engine. Remember that motor oil is the one that ensures every part of the engine is protected and can work properly. Before putting your vehicle in storage, ensure you give your engine a motor oil change.

If you are looking for the best synthetic motor oil, try AMSOIL's Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil to give your engine maximum protection. Speak with a professional at North American Wholesale and learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Corpus Christi, TX. For more information, call (866) 580-1008.

Give Your Car a Good Clean

This should go without saying but cleaning your car is very important. You don’t want to back to your car after a month just to realize you left a half-eaten candy bar that has gone bad and left a stinky smell all over. Make an effort to look at every crack and hard-to-reach place inside your car to get all of the trash out. Also, don’t forget to clean the outside of your car to remove any bird droppings or water stains.

Top off Your Tank

Why top off your tank if you are not going to drive your car? Well, when leaving a vehicle in long time storage, having an empty tank can lead to the condensation forming up. This can lead to your tank rusting up, which can be a challenging issue to get fixed. The best way to prevent this from happening is to ensure you completely fill up your tank before leaving your car in storage.

Learn More Advice on How to Keep Your Vehicle Protected by Speaking with a Professional

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