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Motor oil is what keeps your engine running, it provides much needed lubrication.  However, that's not its only function, find out about the other jobs motor oil performs.

4 Functions of Motor Oil

Lubrication is the key to a long-lasting engine. If oil wasn’t present, the engine would easily overheat and stop working much sooner. Lubricants keep the engine working, that is a fact. Join Northern American Wholesale in exploring the functions of motor oil.


Oil’s main task: lubrication. Motor oil travels throughout the engine lubricating every component preventing loss of power. Better lubrication translates into improved power, performance, and efficiency.


Oil creates a protective film between metal surfaces to prevent friction and wear.  Another way motor oil protects engines is by preventing corrosion and premature component failure.


Motor oil helps the engine stay cool because its constant flow carries heat away from the hotter areas, such as the bearings, pistons, and journal surfaces.


Oil is meant to gather all the pollutants in the engine and keep them suspended until the oil filter does it job. Conventional oil needs to be changed frequently because as it gathers pollutants it also promotes the development of sludge. A synthetic oil change can fix this right up. Synthetic oil stays pollutant-free and even cleans off any existing sludge and it also lasts longer.

For Superior Lubrication You Need a Synthetic Oil Change

Although every type of motor oil has the same job, every oil is made differently and they don’t all bring the same results. If you’re looking for superior lubrication you need AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. You can try AMSOIL’s Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil  for your next synthetic oil change or browse through their online store. You can also call Larry Crider at North American Wholesale at (866) 580-1008 to decide on a suitable oil option.

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