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Did you know that conventional petroleum motor oil contains wax (paraffin) and that atvery low temperatures this wax starts to solidify????

But what does this mean for you and your cars engine???

When the outside temperatures drops like rock….the paraffin in your oil starts to solidifymaking the oil become thick and hard to pump which in turn makes your engine hard tostart, putting a drain on your already freezing cold battery and starter.

But that’s not all. In really cold weather, it can take almost an entire minute for thispartially solidified petroleum oil to actually start flowing and start getting to critical partsof your engine.

So after you start your engine, its sitting there for up to a minute with very littlelubrication!

Considering that the vast majority of wear takes place when you first fire up your enginein the morning anyway….then throw in half frozen oil on top of that and you see thepotential for extreme wear under these conditions!

The Amsoil difference!

Amsoil full synthetic engine oils are man made…not pumped out of the ground and theycontain no waxes or impurities.

Amsoil full synthetic motor oils do not thicken at low temperatures or thin out at hightemperatures.

And with the extremely low pour point of Amsoil advanced full synthetic oil….theyremain fluid for instant pumpability on those bitter cold mornings, almost instantlyreaching critical components, providing proper oil pressure and making a cold enginemuch easier to start!!!

But that’s not all! Amsoil advanced full synthetic formula contains state-of- the-artadditive chemistry with anti-wear ingredients that cling to metal surfaces even after theengine has been turned off all night so your bearings and other critical enginecomponents are protected immediately on start up!

So do yourself and your car a favor this winter….and move up to Amsoil!!!

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