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There are literally hundreds of types of synthetic lubricants and hundreds more variations of these! All custom tailored for specific uses from automotive to industrial to aviation

Here I will tell you about the most common synthetic lubricants used for automotive, fleet and some...
  • Measurable improvement in fuel economy compared to conventional motor oil
  • Dramatic reductions in mechanical wear....make your vehicle last longer!!!!
  • Full line of synthetic motor oils, transmission fluids, gear lubes, high efficiency oil and air filters
  • Join our preferred customer...
First make sure your car is warmed up and the transmission is at normal operating temperature then park it on a level surface. Pull the transmission dipstick (located near the firewall in most cars) and look at your fluid noting the level. Fresh fluid is translucent and cherry red. Some darkening...
No they do not! Many of the world’s largest auto manufacturers require the use of synthetic motor oils as “factory fill” including Porsche and Mercedes. Even GM requires it in certain vehicles such as the Corvette.
So what’s going on? Why the stories about the guy who put synthetic motor oil in...
Got yourself a nice new vehicle? And you want it to last a really long time? Considering the use of synthetic lubricants to get the most life out of your investment? Here's what I recommend
For gasoline engines, the first five hundred to one thousand miles should be driven on the factory filled...

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