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Will your motorcycle not start? If this is the case, there might be a few reasons that are preventing you from getting on the road. Wait no longer and read this post that North American Wholesale in Corpus Christi has for you to figure out what is going on with your bike.

You get out of your house and get up to your motorcycle, you get on and try to get it started. Nothing happens. This can be a very frustrating situation, especially when you can't quite figure out the reason. There are a few causes that prevent motorcycles from turning on. Luckily, North American Wholesale in Corpus Christi, TX, has this article for you to learn some of these possible reasons and help you with your task to get on the road.

Your Engine's Cut off Switch

This is a common thing that happens. As simple as it might sound, it's common to use the ignition key to turn off the motorcycle instead of properly cutting off the switch. This can lead to trying to crank the engine without having success. Make sure to discard the possibility of this being the reason your motorcycle won't start before continuing.

Is Your Battery Dead?

For your motorcycle to be able to start the motor properly, the battery needs to have sufficient charge. Your battery is the one that gives life and allows your whole electrical system to function so, without it, getting on the road becomes impossible. If you try to switch on the headlights or push the horn and none seem to respond, then your battery is most definitely the one preventing your motorcycle from starting.

Make sure your engine is in top condition to prevent it from getting in the way of your rides. With AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, your engine will be protected and ready to go. Speak with a professional at North American Wholesale in Corpus Christi, TX, to learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change by calling (866) 580-1008.

Spark Plugs

Electrical problems can be pretty standard when it comes to motorcycles. Take a look at your engine spark plugs. To be able to inspect them, remove them from the cylinder head, and then proceed to put them back into the plug cap. The next step is to take the plug and hold it up to something made out of metal. Turn the engine on, do you see a spark from electrode traveling to the metal? If so, then the spark plug is probably not your problem. If you don't notice any spark, try replacing your plug to see if the issue gets resolved.

Not Getting Enough Air Flow

To see if you have a problem with your airflow, start by taking a look at your airbox and air filters. Air filters can get dirty when not being cleaned or replaced after an extended period of time. To discover if your air filter is causing you problems, take out your pod filters and airbox and try starting up your motorcycle. Did your bike start? If so, you simply need to get your air filter replaced.

If you need further assistance on getting your motorcycle to work properly, speak with a professional at North American Wholesale in Corpus Christi, TX. Learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change and about amazing products AMSOIL offers for your motorcycle by visiting the online store or calling (866) 580-1008 today!

Is There Gas in the Tank?

Though this might sound like a really obvious question, is there gas in the tank? It can happen to anyone to not realize their gas levels are low, so start by ensuring this is not preventing your motorcycle from starting. There are other issues that can be related to your gas system, like a clogged vent tube restricting the gas from flowing through the system. Maybe your system isn't getting the correct air/fuel mix. Every motorcycle needs a certain amount of air to be mixed with gas to be able to work correctly. Having a loose vacuum line can cause this process to stop working properly.

Dirty Carburetor

Your carburetor might also be the one causing you trouble. Dirt builds up and blocks fuel passageways like the jets in your carburetor. This happens a lot faster when you don't use a fuel filter. To see if it is the case, take some starter fluid, take your air intake off of your electric starter and push some of the starter liquid into the carburetor. If after doing this, your carburetor starts and revs up for a few seconds, you most definitely have a dirty carburetor. To fix it, properly clean your carburetor and try to start up your motorcycle again.

Prevent Future Issues With Your Motorcycle by Giving it a Synthetic Oil Change in Corpus Christi

The best way to ensure your engine is in top condition is by giving it the best products on the market. AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil will give your engine maximum protection and provide extra heat-protection. For more information, speak with an expert at North American Wholesale in Corpus Christi, TX. Get familiar with amazing products for your bike by visiting the online store or calling (866) 580-1008 today!

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