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Reducing the number of times you visit the gas station doesn’t have to mean leaving your car at home every day and forgetting about its conveniences, it just means some small changes to your driving day.

You need only bring up the subject of gas prices at a family gathering of work function to see that you aren’t the only one trying to find ways to reduce your gas usage without simply just leaving your car in the garage each morning.

Small Adjustments to Your Driving Say to Reduce Gas Usage

North American Wholesale knows just how important vehicles are to their owners, not only for convenience but also for enjoyment, and has some easy-to-adopt tips to share which can help you to reduce your gas usage without giving up your vehicle.

Using Your A/C Wisely

You Can't deny the convenience of your car’s air conditioner. You push a button or flick a switch, and within seconds your vehicle becomes more comfortable and the inside temperature drops. However, this comfort comes at the cost of extra fuel usage. When you are traveling on a freeway at cruising speed, then choosing the A/C is a good option. When your windows are lowered on the freeway, wind resistance builds up inside your vehicle which means that your engine has to work harder than it would with the windows up and the A/C switched on. If, however, you are completing errands around town at moderate speeds, making lots of starts and stops, then using your windows is a good option. Lowering your rear windows slightly will allow fresh air to come inside your vehicle and push out the stale and hot air.

Save Your Warm-Up for the Gym

It doesn’t seem like much, but warming up your car for five minutes each morning adds up to more than an entire day or your vehicle just sitting in the drive using gas without anybody it in or even moving. Warming up your engine is an important lesson if you are using conventional oil inside your engine. Overnight, when the temperature drops, conventional oil becomes too thick to protect your engine. To return it to a protective consistency, you first need to warm it up, wasting valuable fuel in the process. Removing the need to warm up your oil and waste fuel is as easy as switching out your conventional oil for synthetic oil. Synthetic oil has been designed to maintain its protective consistency during cold temperatures, which not only means no more warming up your vehicle each morning, but a protected engine as soon as you turn the key. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your engine running costs low with a synthetic oil change. For help finding the right product for you or to place an order, speak with a friendly professional at North American Wholesale by calling (866) 580-1008 or check out the online store for more information.

Go Easy on Your Gears

You don’t have a lot of control over the performance of your vehicle when driving an automatic, however, when you are behind the wheel of a car with a manual transmission you not only have much more control over your vehicle, but also over its gas consumption.
  • If you can see a red light or a turn ahead, instead of shifting down through your gears to slow and control your vehicle, take your foot from the gas pedal and use your brakes to manage your speed and vehicle.
  • When you are ready to drive once more, instead of stretching out each of your gears until they are screaming, listen to your gearbox and change when you can hear each gear is ready.
Each time that you increase the RPM of your engine, it requires more fuel to run. While it’s only small amounts, if you consider the number of times you perform the above behaviors then you can see that it can all quickly add up.

Take Better Routes

You only need to perform simple math to know that driving fewer miles in your vehicle means less fuel used. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up certain conveniences in the name of fuel conservation. Use an online map service and locate where each of your regular errands is, and then work out which ones you can complete in one trip or on the same day, and then:
  • Create your own routes which require low drive-miles.
  • Think about the places you are regularly stuck in traffic and avoid them.
  • Consider different times of the day to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Try to find a place where you can park and walk to two or more errands, before driving to the next area.
Like you can see, lowering the number of miles you drive doesn’t mean missing on convenience, it simply means smarter routes and less time spent driving.

Improve Engine Performance and Fuel Economy with a Synthetic Oil Change in Corpus Christi

These are just some of the great ways you can reduce your gas usage, however, it’s important that they complement basic vehicle maintenance, like checking your tire pressure and giving your engine a synthetic oil change. For help finding the right product or if you want to learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Corpus Christi, speak with an expert at North American Wholesale by calling (866) 580-1008.

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