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It can be easy to think that dirt bike riding is all about what you see on TV. That is, racers making their way around a track until the race is finished. However, in reality, dirt bike riding can be a great family activity.

When parents think about what types of activities they will enjoy as a family, popular items are always road trips, sports, or even camping. And while these are great family building activities, they aren’t very adventurous or adrenalin pumping.

The Great Benefits to Dirt Bike Riding

If you are interested in involving your family in a new activity and you all enjoy some adventure and action, below is a post from North American Wholesale with some of the benefits you and your family could see.

It’s a Great Social Activity

Riding around a track until you complete a set number of laps isn’t very social. And while you may see this on TV, when you spend the day at a dirt bike riding park, riding around a track is only part of your day. In addition to the racing tracks, a park will also offer:
  • Shared cooking facilities
  • Shaded areas to sit and eat
  • Play equipment and entertainment
  • Riding lessons
As you can imagine, a day at a dirt bike riding park can be a great way for families to meet new people and to make new friends.


Parents know that it’s important for their children to stay fit and healthy with exercise, however, it can often be a challenge to get children motivated when they aren’t interested in traditional sports. Dirt bike riding can be just the level of exercise that you and your family are looking for:
  • You will spend much of your time standing on your pegs, which means that your legs are getting a workout keeping you moving up and down.
  • Keeping your balance as you move the bike left and right between your legs means that your core is not only engaged but being strengthened.
  • Maneuvering your bike around a track and through tricky spots requires your arms and shoulders to be working overtime to keep you moving in the right direction.
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A Lesson on Responsibility

Household chores are a great way for children to learn about being responsible, however, it’s reasonable to say that chores aren’t considered exciting tasks, often harming the lesson being taught. If your children enjoy riding, however, then you can teach responsibility through maintenance. Each time that you finish riding your dirt bike for the day, the vehicle requires basic maintenance to keep it working in good shape and to ensure it is ready to go the next time, such as:
  • Washing and drying the bike
  • Removing debris from the bike
  • Giving the bike a synthetic oil change
  • Cleaning the air filter
  • Storing the vehicle securely and safely
While only basic, the above will both keep your bike in good shape and help your children to learn the benefits of being a responsible vehicle owner.

Relieve Stress

While it may seem strange, dirt bike riding can be a very relaxing activity. The reason is that, for some people, relaxing their mind takes a little more distracting than a quiet yoga session or a day shipping can provide. Riding or, more importantly, staying upright on a dirt bike requires total mental focus and concentration, lest you end up in a pool of mud or find yourself battling a face full of tree branches. For many people, this level of focus required is exactly what they need to force their brain to leave their daily stresses behind.

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If you still aren’t convinced, head to a nearby track park or check out some groups on social media to find out more. Of course, if you take up the sport, be sure to keep your vehicle in good shape with regular maintenance and high-quality products. Maintenance items like a synthetic oil change can not only improve the performance of the range of vehicles in your garage but also reduce engine wear and extend their lifespan. Speak with North American Wholesale at (866) 580-1008 to find out more.

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