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On Sept 19th, 2014 Danell Lynn left Tucson Ariz on her Triumph Bonneville.After nearly a full year and 48,600 miles she returned home with a new Guinness World record

She’s also the first solo woman motorcyclist to hold this record.

Her journey took her through every state in the United States and a lot of Canada and she credits Amsoil synthetic oils for keeping her bike running strong over the course of the year!

When asked why she chose Amsoil Lynn said “I had heard of Amsoil but had never used it, preferring to just buy good but cheap oil for my bikes. Then in the first month of my trip….I had a flat tire in California and the bike shop owner who was fixing it strongly suggested Amsoil when I told him about my trip and what I was hoping to accomplish”

“After the tire was fixed and the new Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil was installed the difference was amazing! My bike never ran so smoothly before! I could literally feel the difference and the longer drain interval was a huge plus on my long trip and I’ve had a love affair with Amsoil synthetic since then!”

Congratulations Danell on your new world record set with the help of Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil!


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