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North American Wholesale in Corpus Christi, TX shares a few tips that will help you winterize your motorcycle properly, so that it's ready to go once the temperatures increase again.

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

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Decide What to Do With the Fuel

Before you store your motorcycle away for the colder months, it is imperative that you consider the fuel and decide what to do with it. This is because, after months of it being in idle mode, it will become stale, which can wreak havoc on the motorcycle's components if you run on it when the springtime comes around. So this situation doesn't present itself to you, you have a decision to make. You can either empty the gas thank of the current fuel in it. Or, you can fill it up with new fuel, and add a fuel stabilizer to guarantee it will withstand until the spring.

Get the Battery Ready

Your motorcycle would be completely useless if it weren't for the battery, which powers a few of its most important components. For that reason, it is crucial that you get the battery ready to be stored away, as those periods of inactivity can mess it up. To that end:
  • the first step is to take the battery off the motorcycle
  • next up, you will need to find a secure place where you can store the battery. It should be dry and protect it from the elements
  • you will also need to recharge the battery every so often, so it can remain functional. For it, Cycle World suggests getting a a motorcycle-specific trickle charger with a monitor

Change its Synthetic Oil and Filter

Aside from a functional battery, your motorcycle needs a powerful and healthy engine in order to give you the safe, smooth, and thrilling rides you want from it. To care for the engine, you need to provide lubrication and protection through the use of a high quality synthetic oil. This, so the moving components that make up the engine can work smoothly and effectively for a lot longer. If you neglect this maintenance task, the engine will be rendered useless in no-time. Before you put your motorcycle away, make sure to change its synthetic oil and oil filter. This way, it will be ready to go for rides as soon as the hotter weather starts coming in.

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Take Care of Its Other Fluids

A motorcycle depends on a few different fluids. However, as you would expect from any other liquid, these fluids can also be affected by the low temperatures of the winter months. So much so, that some may end up freezing over because of them. That's why you need to take care of those other fluids. A way to do that is to inspect the anti-freeze as part of the winterization process. If you find that it's not doing great, change it or refill it to ensure it will keep the fluids protected.

Wash and Wax the Motorcycle

You may not see a lot of use in deep cleaning and waxing your motorcycle if it will be stored away for a few months. Nonetheless, neglecting this can result in a lot of trouble once the warmer months begin. This is because the filth and gunk that can accumulate on it will eat away at its components, damaging them and affecting how they perform. To guarantee your motorcycle will be intact once you start riding it again, make sure to wash and wax it thoroughly, so it can remain clean and without rusting over while in storage.

Store It Nicely

Lastly, you will need to be very careful with how you store your motorcycle. After all, this can have a pretty big influence in how it works after months of disuse. To store it nicely:
  • find a place where it will be able to endure the elements (a garage could work)
  • keep bugs, moisture and dirt away from it with the use a tarp
  • use material to block the exhaust pipes and stop bugs and animals from going into them
  • use a bike stand so that your motorcycle's tires won't get damaged

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