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Springtime used to be all about vacations. However, as an adult, it means that it’s time to give your home a thorough cleaning. This year, include your car in your spring cleaning checklist.

There’s no denying that regular housework and maintenance are the best ways to keep your home looking clean and tidy. However, over the course of time, junk and personal items can begin to clutter up your spaces until your regular housework is barely making a dent. A yearly spring cleaning is a great way to give your home and your family a fresh start.

How You Can Give Your Car a Spring Cleaning

Similar to your home, your car begins to accumulate junk and items. However, unlike your home, it doesn’t receive regular cleanings. This spring, include your vehicle in your spring cleaning plans and improve its performance and lifespan. North American Wholesale has prepared some tips to help get you started.

Start With Your Wheels

As you drive through the rain, snow, dirt, and any other type of terrain your errands take you on, it’s your wheels and your tires which get you there. However, motorists don’t often pay much attention to them. This year, spend a bit of time checking the condition of your tires and wheels, keeping these points in mind:
  • Instead of rushing the task, take your time.
  • Take your car into the bright sunlight for better visibility.
  • Inspect your tires for cracks, any missing pieces, bald spots with no tread, or punctures.
  • Inspect your wheels for cracks and any lodged debris.
  • Adjust the pressure in each tire to match the recommended level.
If you can see any problems, be sure to have them seen to before driving on damaged tires. If everything looks fine, give your wheels and tires a solid wash and you’re done.

Oils, Lubricants, and Fluids

Even if your car is brand new, its engine relies on a range of lubricants and oils to operate. Without these vital fluids, the engine would eventually stop operating.  For this task, make a list of fluids which your vehicle uses and check them off as you check each one. Some points to consider for this task:
  • Only use high-quality products, not cheap fluids and engine lubricants.
  • Don’t just top up a fluid, flush it out and replace it with a new product.
  • Make sure that you clean up any spills which occur during your work.
  • Store the remaining bottles upright in your trunk.
Click here to buy Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and with the help of a synthetic oil change, you can improve the performance of your vehicle. To find out more about how a synthetic oil change in Corpus Christi can benefit you, speak with an expert at North American Wholesale at (866) 580-1008 or check out the online store.

Check Your Battery Health

Don’t let its size fool you. Your battery is one of the most important items in your vehicle, largely because if it stops working, your vehicle isn’t going to start. A quick look at your battery is enough to know if you’re up against any problems. Lift the hood and, with a good amount of light available, check the condition of your battery, the terminals, and your battery cables. If you can see grime or dirt built up, safely wipe it away with a dry cloth. If you can see any problems, such as corrosion, leaks, or any other type of problem, be sure to replace your battery sooner rather than later. It’s better to have the job done while you are at home and don’t need the vehicle as opposed to when you have a trunk filled with melting groceries.


Motorists need to pay just as much attention to the interior of their vehicle as the exterior and engine. While performing this task, remember that this isn’t something you complete every month, so be sure to give it 100% effort, keeping these points in mind:
  • Even if you don’t want to, you need to take everything out of the vehicle before beginning to clean.
  • Remove your seat covers and clean them separately, ensuring they are dry before reinstalling them in your car.
  • Utilize the range of vacuum attachments to reach more spaces, such as high up where your feet rest and underneath and around the seats.
  • If you can remove any of the carpet in your trunk, remove it and wash it. Otherwise, use a stain remover or carpet-freshener.
  • A damp cloth can be sued to wipe dirt or grime from rubber seals, knobs, and controls.

Take Care of Your Vehicle With a Synthetic Oil Change in Corpus Christi

The above tips are a great way to keep your engine and vehicle in good shape. Of course, regular maintenance, such as a synthetic oil change, can benefit more than just your car. Speak with North American Wholesale at (866) 580-1008 to find out how a synthetic oil change can benefit your ATV, boat, or even lawnmower.

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