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  • Lubrication specialist and former SCCA club racer on staff!
  • We know racing!
  • Racing oils, racing gear lube, racing transmission fluids! High temp-extreme pressure racing grease!
  • High grade synthetic oils for track, street and off-road racing!
  • Let us show you how to reduce your lap or strip times with high grade PAO and ester based synthetic racing oils and lubes!
  • Serving the racing communities of Edinburg Motorsports Park, International Racetrack, Las Palmas Race Park, Valley Race Park in Harlingen TX and the entire Rio Grande Valley!

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Buy wholesale now! (866) 580-1008

Many companies advertize racing oils…most are just re-labeled regular old oil with “racing oil” on the label…just using the word “racing”, trying to suck you in and make you think its something special when its not!
Amsoil Racing Oils are just that! True PAO and Ester based racing oils designed for the stress of competition! …Special Fuels compatible!!
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