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AMSOIL's new DOT 3 & DOT 4 brake fluid!

Great performance, great price.


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All new high performance full synthetic brake fluid from AMSOIL!!!

DOT-3 & 4 

All new full synthetic brake fluid for passenger cars and light trucks! 
This product is actually a DOT 5.1 brake fluid meaning it exceeds the performance requirements of a DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluid by a wide margin!

Additionally its 5.1 formula provides excellent protection against water contamination and in-system rust and corrosion!

Rather than create multiple products to cover a wide range of applications….Amsoil has developed one product that meets and exceeds most worldwide brake fluid requirements!

Amsoil’s new DOT 3 & 4 full synthetic brake fluid is also recommended for motorcycle applications…..

But if you consistently push your vehicle or bike’s brakes to the limit such as in full racing applications…..use Amsoil’s all new Dominator full synthetic DOT-4 brake fluid!

Formulated for the most demanding high temperature brake applications, Dominator Racing Brake Fluid provides vapor lock protection through high boiling points and resists brake fade under extreme use!